Value of Two-Way SMS Text Messaging

  • Remove barriers to contact your business or nonprofit

  • Increase engagement - Marketing campaigns - General announcements - Alerts

  • Improve customer service - quickly answer questions or address issues

  • Gain more feedback

  • Text messaging is very easy for your audience (reading & responding)

  • Save staff time - manage multiple conversations

  • Increase revenue & donations

  • People hate talking on the phone, sitting on hold, and/or leaving a voice message

  • Quickly qualify prospects

  • Complete your communication channel offerings to help your audience conveniently contact you


Two-Way SMS Text Messaging is the natural fit

Today, more and more people wish to use text messaging when communicating. It’s quick and easy. So why isn’t your business or nonprofit offering text messaging to your audience?

Great question?

Probably because you think that texting is only used as a casual communication channel….not for business.

In the past, this may have been true but not today. Because texting allows for someone to quickly read and respond, it’s the natural communication channel to use to improve your engagement with your audience.

The easier you can make the communication process the better and this is what text messaging provides.