Case Study
The Barkery Bistro


About The Barkery Bistro

The Barkery Bistro is a family-owned business located in Greenville, South Carolina. As Greenville's upscale pet boutique, they offer gourmet treats, toys, designer collars and more for your four-legged family. In addition, they offer all natural dog and cat foods as well as full-service grooming.


As Barkery’s business expanded, owner Meghan Whisnant looked to foster customer relationships while generating new and  repeat business. With traditional communication methods, such as email, yielding low open rates and limited responses, Meghan sought an alternative.


Revvi, the SMS customer communication platform to develop lasting customer relationships, provided Meghan with a 360-degree customer engagement platform that offered service reminders, satisfaction survey deployment and immediate review posting opportunities as well as promotional messaging capabilities to drive customer engagement and generate new leads for the business.

Barkery Bistro employees found the Revvi platform to be a more efficient method for confirming and rescheduling appointments. Additionally, employees and customers alike love the user-friendly, seamless communication channel of text messaging.

Within the first four months of using Revvi to request satisfaction reviews, The Barkery Bistro saw an increase in online ratings from 4.1 to 4.6 and increased their Google review count by 201%.

“The satisfaction surveys are really where it’s at! They have been huge for us,” says Meghan. “A customer who’s been coming for years gave us a lower review after a visit. It ended up being a simple fix, but she had just never said anything. We were able to fix it immediately and save our business relationship.”

Barkery Bistro’s text communication with customers is generating four times the response rate using Revvi, as opposed to less than 20% open rate using email communication. “We’ve seen a decrease in no-shows, have increased our grooming customer base with more online reviews, and have saved business by engaging with customers in real-time with review requests,” says Meghan. “Revvi has provided me and my team with a peace of mind while increasing business.”

Realized Results

  • Increase in online review rating from 4.1 to 4.6 and the number of reviews by 201% within four (4) months

  • Reduced missed appointments by 19%

  • Used Revvi to send marketing texts which out performed other channels of communication to book light grooming weeks

  • Customers praised texts as more convenient compared to telephone calls

  • 83% open rate of Revvi text messages as compared to email, which was averaging 20%.

Revvi: Increase Revenue and Build Brand Trust with Text Messaging

  • Build your online reputation and respond to unsatisfactory survey responses in real-time

  • Offer value-add services like appointment reminders and customer service at the click of a button

  • Cultivate repeat business with timely promotions and special offers sent straight to customers’ phones.