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Top 11 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use Text Messaging

Text messaging is the missing link to completing your nonprofit’s communication channels.  Reaching your active donors, attracting new donors (millennials), volunteers, and staff is crucial to your organization’s mission. This is exactly why adding text messaging to your organization’s communication channels is so crucial to your success.


Adding text messaging will help your nonprofit organization reach your audience directly without any barriers.

  1. Save time while increasing your reach

  2. Increase engagement - Conversational Marketing

  3. Increase retention & donations

  4. Make it easy for your audience to consume your information, respond, or act

  5. Text messages have a 95% read rate and 48% response rate

  6. Two-way communication with donors, potential donors, staff, and volunteers

  7. Send surveys, reminders, or alerts

  8. Keyword marketing campaigns (outbound & inbound)

  9. Reach more millennials (new donors, new volunteers)

  10. Text to give

  11. Only 6% - 8% of your social media followers see your posts