Top 6 Reasons Why Nonprofits Think Texting Doesn’t Work For Their Organization

Texting is too personal for our organization.

  • False.  Your organization should make every communication personal.  The reason why your donors support your organization is because your mission or cause is personal to them.  

Text messages are annoying.

  • False.  Like any other communication channel (email, phone, direct mail) your organization uses, there should always be a strategy behind it.  The value of the message, timing it is sent, and the frequency all play an important role to achieve your goals.

Texting isn’t for nonprofits.

  • False.   Nonprofits are businesses as well which means your organization needs to leverage all the communication channels available to engage your audience. Texting is the most effective communication channel available to your organization.

Our older donors do not text.

  • False. Below is breakdown of “Average Text Per Day by Age Group: (Source: Pew)

    • 35 - 44 = 52 per day

    • 45 - 54 = 33 per day

    • 55+ = 16 per day

Email works fine for our organization.

  • False.  Open rates are less than 20% and response rates are around 2%.  Your organization's donors are aging which means you need to reach new donors (millennials) where they communicate.  75% of all millennials would rather communicate via text messaging. (Source: Mobile Market Watch)

We don’t understand the rules of using text messaging.

  • Okay, you got us with a valid statement.  The rules around using text messaging are easy to understand and follow.  It simply involves two (2) steps. Consent and an unsubscribe option. Both of which are easy to gain, offer, and follow.