Satisfaction Scores

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Truly understanding the service you provide your customers is hard even if you are the one working with them.  It's even more of a challenge when you have employees.

Being able to send a text message after the service has been completed to ask for a service rating score is extremely easy for you and your customers.

A quick text message can be a life saver to your business.



Since text messaging is so easy, your customer will be more likely to respond with service rating score.  Revvi will be able to tell you high score responses and more importantly be immediately notified of low scores.

Revvi allows you to identify "happy" clients and "unhappy" clients so you can be proactive to address any issues.


Too many businesses focus on gaining new customers and not keeping your current customers.  Taking this approach can be very costly.  It costs 7x as much to gain a new customer versus keeping one.

By capturing service rating scores, you are giving your customers an easy way to share their experience to make sure you are providing the highest level of customer service.