RCS Messaging 

What is RCS messaging?

Never heard of RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging?  Well, don’t feel bad because a lot of people haven’t. It’s now not a matter of “if” but “when” it will be available in the US.

Today is the day to learn more about how RCS will change the way you communicate with your customers to make life easier.

RCS was created back in 2007 by industry promoters designed to succeed SMS. Think of SMS on steroids. All the functionality from current messaging apps (think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat) but delivered in a simple SMS message that can work across all mobile phones.

This means NO APP to Download!

Google has included RCS messaging to their Android phone already.  


They know it’s coming.  From the early days, Google has been a big believer/supporter in RCS messaging as they see it as a way to compete with other messaging apps without the need to create one and for the customer to download yet another app.

In 2015, Google acquired Jibe Mobile who created a business on providing RCS services on their platform.

What can RCS Messaging do?

Google Image

Google Image

RCS messaging brings SMS (text messaging) to life.  As you can see in the images above, RCS messaging becomes highly visual with easy call to action buttons for your customer to respond.  All of this functionality through the delivery method of text messaging.

With RCS, your imagination can run wide!! To help you get the wheels turning, I have listed some examples of what can be included within a RCS message.

  • Branding - Include your own logos and colors

  • Include interactive menus/buttons - think...Confirm, Pay, Cancel, Call, Book, Buy...etc.

  • Send messages of unlimited length

  • Include product pictures, GIFs, PDFs and videos

  • Audio messaging

  • Group chat

  • File sharing

  • Include maps to your location

  • Develop chat bots to help answer repeat questions

Watch this video for a real world example of RCS in use.

Why isn’t RCS available in the US today?

No need to get into the weeds trying to answer this question...but the short answer is because of the mobile carriers.  RCS falls under the umbrella of the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications) and mobile carriers will need to support RCS.  

Currently, there are 40 carriers already supporting RCS outside the US.  One can only guess why the big name carriers aren’t supporting it yet in the US.  My guess is cost. What would they charge the SMS providers per message?

Answers are coming and Revvi is planning for it.

Get RCS on your radar so you are in position to beat your competition.  It's what we are doing so that when it is approved, Revvi will be in a great position to serve our clients with the best communication channel since the phone was invented.

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