Revvi Pricing

We remove any fears of adding a new system to your business. The return on investment is easily achieved within the first week or month when you consider the amount of revenue you are losing due to one (1) negative online review or the loss of time and revenue for one (1) missed appointment.

The pricing levels for Revvi are straight forward.  We do not base the different levels on functionality or the number of users. Pricing is simply based on monthly volume of messaging.

Our first level starts at $78 a month/per location and goes up from there...two (2) more levels and then a custom quote for larger businesses.

We understand that Revvi is not the right fit for every business and we are certainly not trying to position ourselves as the "silver bullet" ...(a "silver bullet" doesn't exist).  What we are is honest and transparent with you.  If we are not the right solution, we'll tell you.

Your success is our success and the end goal for Revvi.

Please complete the form below so we can follow-up with you to determine if we can help your business grow.  At the very least, we love hearing about challenges your business faces as we may have a recommendation for you.  Plus, we are a "southern" company and love a good conversation.

"Pricing - Let's Connect!"

See how easy surveys are with Revvi.  Text "Revvi" to 843.242.0437