My Google Business

One of the most important steps you should take for your business is registering your business with Google.  It's easy to do and is the first step in helping consumers find you....not to mention you can start capturing REVIEWS to help grow your business.

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business allows you to be found which is extremely important.  Google My Business creates a profile for your business that is displayed to the right of a user's search.  Google uses your business's profile to help your business be found.  Without a profile, your business is at a disadvantage.

Google requires that you have a brick and mortar business location.  If you do not have a physical location then there are other options like a virtual office program.  Google does not allow for a P.O Box.  You may also use your home address if that address is used to receive business mail.

Setting up your Google My Business Account

Start by visiting Google My Business Page.  Once there, select "Start Now".


Clicking on the "Start Now" will take you to the map page.

GoogleBusiness.2nd Page.PNG

Completed the form and press "Continue".  You will then be asked to verify your business information as seen in the image below.


Once you have "Confirmed" your information, Google will create your Google My Business profile and account.  You will then need to verify your address for your business by phone or Google will send you the verification postcard within 7 - 10 business days.

Verifying your business via phone is recommended to streamline the process.  If you select the postcard, you will need to sign-in into Google My Business to enter the verification code.


Once you have signed in and entered the verification code, you will be able to add your logo, business photographs, edit your company info, as well as give you the ability to analyze insights for your business.  This includes the ability to read your customer REVIEWS.

We recommend adding all the information you can to your profile which includes any photos.  More the information the better to help Google determine if your services or products are the right fit for the user while searching.

How to improve your Google Business profile?

Like we mentioned above, the more information you can add to your profile, the better.  One key item though that can really help jump start your chances of getting found, are REVIEWS.  You need to start collecting reviews as quickly as possible.

If you need any assistance, please let us know.  We are here to help you succeed with Revvi.