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Getting started with adding text messaging to your communication channels can be scary for some businesses.  The old percecption of "texting is too personal for a business to use" is no longer the case.  Text messaging is quickly become the desired form of communication because of how effective and efficient it is.

We can thank the healthcare industry for making texting a more common form of communication.  The data does not lie when it comes to texting vs emailing.  

Text messages are read within the first 3 - 4 minutes and the response rates are 48%+.

Email has a <20% open/read rate and a response rate average of <3%.

However, there are rules of engagement you have to follow with sending text messages.  You cannot just send text messages to all your customers or patients.  They have to give consent or opt-in. 

If you have used a text messaging system before then great!  You know all the rules.  But for those new to Revvi and texting, we have put together some helpful information for you to review and consider.

Why use text messaging for my business?

The simple answer is because text messaging works.  Below are four (4) reasons why.

4 Reasons why to use text messaging

See, I told you the reasons are simple why to add text messaging to your communication channels.

How to use text messaging for your business?

Revvi provides many options when it comes to using text messaging.  

  • Request service satisfaction scores
  • Ask for online reviews
  • Send general announcements
  • Send marketing messages
  • Send appointment reminders

Depending on your business, you may only use a couple of message types or you may use them all.

When should you use text messaging?

This question really depends on your business and your end goal(s).  Some of our clients use a mix of messaging which dictate when the messages are sent.

But let me share a recommendation when it comes to surveys and marketing messages.  

Surveys (Satisfaction Request):

Weekly Service:

If you provide a service that occurs on a weekly bases and for a certain duration (six week service) then we suggest the following frequency.

  • Survey text sent after first visit
  • Send a survey text at the mid-point *use your judgement
  • Send final survey when the service time has been completed - Depending on their score then you can either ask for a review or address any issues

Monthly-Quarterly-Annual Service:

We recommend that you send a survey text after each appointment.  There is enough time between the visits that present opportunities to possibly capture new information. 


Marketing is a beast no matter how or what tool you use.  It requires the right timing, messaging, and communication channel....good thing texting is so effective.

The first call-out about text message marketing is be smart about your frequency.  Sending too many messages that do not provide value will blow your opt-out rate through the roof.

Not communicating enough is bad as well.

Finding the right balance is a little bit of a game but start small and test your messaging.

When you are collecting opt-ins from customers/patients, clearly state your frequency of text messages you send on a monthly bases.  This doesn't mean it is set in stone but it helps your customer/patient understand how many text messages you send.

Example Language:

"Thanks for opting-in to our program.  We send, on average, one (1) text message a month.  Data rates may apply."

The bottom line is to make your marketing texts count.  Each month, take a few minutes to map out your messaging frequency.  From there, you will be able to build out your messages.

Don't be that "business" who doesn't follow the frequency presented at the time of the opt-in.

How to gain permission to send a text message?

This is always the million dollar question.  Not following the rules for sending text messages could cost you heavily in fines.

Ways to gain permission:

  • They text a keyword to your texting number
  • They complete a form (paper or online) with their cell phone number & language is visible that clearly states how and how often you communicate
  • Verbal agreement that is documented - (would not recommend this method)

We hope you found this information helpful whether considering using Revvi or a current client.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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