Why your marketing agency is dropping the ball

Why your marketing agency is dropping the ball.

Oh the love, hate relationship we have with marketing.

What system to use?  What content to create?  What images to use?  What communication channel to use?  What social media channels to share content?  How to create the right sales copy?  Do we buy ads?  Where do we buy those ads?  

The list goes on and on because marketing is a beast.  There are so many moving parts to marketing and they seem to change so quickly that our head spins..

So why do we hire marketing agencies in the first place?

To grow our business!  If we are not growing then we are dying….right?

The definition of “Marketing”.

the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

Generally speaking, most marketing agencies are the same when it comes to the services they provide.  Some better than others but growth is the number one focus.

Why your marketing agency is dropping the ball

Here is the common story when it comes to hiring a marketing agency.

Business:  “Hi, I need help with my marketing efforts.  I need more customers.”

Marketing Agency:  “Well, you have come to the right place.  We have helped many businesses, like yours, grow their revenue through our proven marketing strategies.  Growth is our specialty.”

Business:  “Great, where do I sign?”

Okay, this is exaggerated a little bit but you get the point.  We all hire marketing agencies to make more money.

This is also the point where marketing agencies drop the ball.

To our own fault, we (business owners) get so laser focused on the “customer acquisition” that we neglect our current customers...."customer retention".  

It’s our current customers that keep us in business.  

Not having repeat or steady customers is what can put you out of business.

Here is an image from Neil Patel's post about improving your SEO.  Here again, the common goal with this article is "customer acquisition"....not "customer retention".

Neil Image.Marketing Stat.PNG

The reason why I included this image is to prove a point about marketers.  Their goal is "customer acquisition"....not "customer retention".

Customer retention should be a major piece of your marketing strategy.  

Did you know it costs 7x as much to gain a new customer versus keeping one?

Okay, you may be a new business so I get it.  You need customer acquisition so you hire a marketing agency to gain customers.  You're the exception to this post.

Your customer's journey should meet two (2) requirements, issue solved while receiving the best customer service and satisfied to return along with referring your business to family and friends.

This should be every business's customer journey.

This should be every business's customer journey.

If you are thinking about hiring a marketing agency then please take what I have shared seriously.  Getting tunnel vision can cost you a lot of money.  

It's your current customers who are going to help grow your business so pay attention.  Customer retention is extremely important to your success!

"Heed the Bubble"