Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Conor McGregor

What McGregor has shown the world and how it relates to entrepreneurs.

Let me get my personal views/thoughts out of the way first about the Mayweather vs McGregor fight on August 26th.  

The fight went longer than I expected and McGregor impressed me more than what the media had you to think.

But man, the money involved.  It blows my mind that sports drives so much revenue...but it does.  

I truly believe it was all about a payday...a very BIG payday for both of these athletes, management teams, and corporate American.  Who knows what the final numbers are yet but these guys and generations of their families are set for life.  

Well, maybe not for generations as people spend their money in different ways….some smart and some who do the dumbest shit ever with their money.

But I tip my hat to the marketing genius behind it.  This event was huge!

Okay...that’s it for my thoughts.

What did McGregor show us entrepreneurs and business?

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you grow
  • Losing is not “Failure” but a “Learning” experience
  • Training above all else matters
  • Respect
  • Don’t be scared of your competition
  • Believe in yourself

Comfort Zone:

McGregor has dominated in MMA as Mayweather has probably inked his name in boxing’s hall of fame but as we all know, they are two completely different sports even though they fall under the broad title of professional fighting.  Training for these sports is night and day which was proven in their fight.

But whether it was money or truly the desire to grow, McGregor stepped outside his comfort zone and we should all applaud him for it.

McGregor tried something new to test himself so he can grow….or maybe he had some bills to pay..lol.

Learning & Training:

McGregor did not lose the fight.  He gained a valuable learning experience….endurance.  What McGregor learned is that he did not have the high level of endurance Mayweather had.

Endurance was the deciding factor in this fight.  

Mayweather’s baseline training requirement is endurance.  As a professional boxer, endurance is what you need to be a winner.  Boxing is not a sprint but a marathon.

McGregor learned that his training was not enough when it comes to endurance.


This fight was entertainment.  Big time entertainment with millions of dollars made by a lot of people so everything you witnessed on TV with the back and forth showboating.  All this was for entertainment value.

What wasn’t shown through the media until the end was respect.

Both of these athletes have a tremendous amount of respect for one another.  Heck, they probably are still hanging out counting all that cash they made right now.

But without respect, you have already lost.  Respect is a core value in life so always have and show respect to everyone.

Too many times we hear someone say something negative about their competition which shows a sign weakness and lack of respect.  Sure, you can take this attitude of fuck them but karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you in the ass.

I am sure we all have seen this in action.  

If showing respect isn’t part of your skill set then I would suggest that then you just ignore them.


Finally, McGregor believed in himself and his ability.  Because of this, he was able to dedicate himself to what was required to step into that ring to face the competition.  

As entrepreneurs/business owners, we all believe in ourselves.  We have too, right.  If we don’t believe in us, who will but sometimes we doubt ourselves.

Doubt comes at us in all directions which have to be ignored.  When you start listening to the “haters” about your business then you are on the road to losing.  

Ignore all the noise (there are many, many more articles like that one) and stay focused like McGregor did.

Yes, McGregor lost in the ring to Mayweather but he won in life.  Put all the hype and money aside, McGregor won more than Mayweather.

McGregor had the larger challenge than Mayweather and he showed the world that he wasn’t scared.  McGregor was dedicated and all-in for this pro boxing fight.

Like my praise to McGregor, I praise you for stepping into the ring of entrepreneurship.  It’s a battle everyday.  It’s a learning experience everyday.  It’s painful.  It’s fun.  It’s hard.

….but it all drives us.

Bottom-line, never stop learning/training to beat your competition.

“Heed the Bubble”