Using Text Messaging During Situations Like Winter Storm Grayson

Winter storm Grayson hit the east coast hard which caused a lot of businesses to close for many days.  This created a huge headache for business owners communicating (emailing, calling, leaving a voicemail) updates to their customers or patients.

These traditional channels of communication are not your best options.  Did they read your email?  Did they actually answer the phone?  Did they listen to your voicemail?

Who knows? image.png

Whether you are facing challenging weather situations like Grayson or operating your business as normal, the best way to reach your audience is to text them.  Text messaging is the most effective channel no matter the situation.

The data shows that text messaging is the most direct way to reach your audience because texting is ubiquitous. 

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Below are some examples of the types of text messages our customers sent their customers and patients due to Grayson's impact. 

  • Closing announcements

  • Status updates

  • Appointment cancellations

  • Re-opening announcements

Having the ability to easily and quickly send these types of text messages saved our clients a lot of time.  More importantly, their audience was able to stay informed.

If you’re not already leveraging the power of texting, then now is the time too.  You can grow your business today and be prepared for any future situations in which you need to keep your customers or patients informed.

“Heed the Bubble”