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Which is more important, 5 star rating average or number of reviews?

Which is more important to your business’s Google local search results…5 star rating average or number of reviews? Online reviews are extremely important to your business. Learn what you should focus on outside of providing the highest level of customer service when it comes to star rating and review volume.

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Add SMS to Your 2018 Marketing Plan

What should your 2018 Marketing plan look like?  Taking a close look at your past and current marketing efforts is critical to your success.  But what communication channel is really working?  Did you know that SMS (text messaging) has a 95% read rate?  Are you using SMS in your marketing strategy?  If not, 2018 is the year to add the most effective communication channel to your marketing arsenal to increase your engagement, improve customer service & retention, and drive more revenue. 

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Happy 25th Birthday to SMS (Text Messaging)

SMS turns 25 years old!  Can you believe SMS is this old? It's crazy.  What's even more surprising is SMS is the most underutilized communication channel for businesses to use.  SMS (text messaging) is the easiest and quickest form to keep your customers engagement and drive more revenue.

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