Which is better for my business, email or text messaging?

Which is better for my business, email or text messaging?

Have you ever really thought about what communication channel works best for your business, email or text messaging?

I am guessing that you probably haven’t and would automatically say email since we use email so much in our daily life.  Unfortunately, we have been trained that email is the best method to use with our customers.

The problem is that we (your customers included) receive so many emails (general & marketing) that your emails get lost in the long list.  

Read these facts around emails we receive.

4 Email Facts.png

How are your customers reading our emails?  

The fact is that they aren’t.

So as business owners, how are we to keep our clients informed to help improve our customer service, grow our revenue, and dominate our local market?

Not by using email to solicit online reviews...that's for sure.

Why should you really start texting

Because texting is easy for your customer!  

Am I wrong?...NO, I am not.

Still Disagree?  

Let me ask you this question.  How often do you text on a daily average?

I would dare to say a lot.  In fact, you probably prefer texting with someone over speaking with them on the phone.


Because it is a lot easier for you.  Texting is extremely easy and fast.

So don’t you think your customers would like the ability to receive text messages instead of emails from your business?

Literally, in two (2) steps your customers can respond to you through texting.

Email can take many more steps which equates to more time and the likelihood of never being read or even responded too.

Did you this about texting?

RevviSite.4 Reasons.png

Are you convinced yet?

Let me drive a point home to you…..The old perception of “texting is private...friends and family only” is GONE!  Customers appreciate this form of communication and welcome it.

It boils down to convenience for your customers.  

Still using email is not convenient.

Texting is.

In the end, email has it’s place.  I am not going to argue that point.  

But when it comes to improving your customer service and growing your business, you must look at adding text messaging to your communication channels.  

Heed the Bubble