How to Increase Online Reviews for Your Heating and Air Business

The HVAC (heating and air) business is a huge market and growing.  This is great news for your business but it also means more competition you will face.  So how do you retain customers and beat the competition?

The best way to always win is by delivering the best customer service/experience.  If you’re providing the highest level of customer service then your customers will do your marketing for you.

Satisfied customer tell their friends, family, and share their experience through social posts as well as the all important online reviews.


Did you know 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision?

Did you know that 88% of those consumers trust online reviews?

So as competition increases, how are you going to increase your online reviews?

The problem is that we have found the majority of heating and air businesses simply aren’t asking.  Asking for the review is the first step but you still face barriers.  Removing barriers to make it extremely easy for your customer is goal number one.

This is where leveraging the effectiveness of text messaging provides value.  Texting is easy and quick which your customers will appreciate.

Sending a text message after the service has been completed to allow your customer to their experience is the best practice for your business’s success.  A text message is read within the first 3 - 4 minutes of being received that equates to a 95% open rate.

Because the read rate is high, the response rate is extremely high at 48% compared to email’s dismal 2%.

Capturing the service satisfaction score is so important to understanding if you ask for a review or immediately call them to address the issue.  Texting saves your customer time by easily responding with a score, writing an online review, or providing feedback as to why they rated your service low.

Email is not an effective communication to grow your online reviews and business.

Start using text messaging to gain insight to your customer’s satisfaction, increase reviews, quickly address issues, and improve/protect your online reputation.

Texting.  It works so heed the bubble!