How to Improve Your Professional Service Business

A professional service business could include; lawyers, investment advisor, insurance agents, real estate agents.  All these businesses rely on booking appointments and keeping appointments to generate revenue.

Your prospects and/or clients are busy which means they forget.  We all forget things but when it comes to business, missed appointments have a large impact.  There is the loss of time and revenue.

1 Simple step to improve your customer service and reduce missed appointments

You can easily improve your customer service and reduce your missed appointments by using Revvi’s text message reminders.  

Sending a text message is a quick and easy way for your prospects or clients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule within 30 seconds.  These text reminders are appreciated and help reduce missed appointments because you are immediately notified by Revvi to the responses.

You know who has confirmed and who you need to contact to reschedule.  This saves you and/or your staff time.

To add more value to the reminder, is the addition of your picture.  This takes your customer service to next level.


Your prospects now know who they are meeting with or looking for at the time of the appointment.  Adding a face with a name really starts the meeting off on the right foot.  

Not to mention, if you make house-calls, this adds a level of safety/comfort for the prospect because now they know who will be knocking on their door.

People buy from people so any additional value you can add to improve your customer service will ultimately increase your revenue.

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