How to Improve Your HVAC & Home Service Business's Customer Service

In order for your home service business to be successful, you need to always be delivering the highest level of customer service as possible.  Providing the best customer service experience is how you dominate your local market.

However, customer service starts with the first communication and continues long after the service has been completed.

This means you and/or your staff have to be very attentive to your customer needs and your process.  Once it has been determined your home service company is the right fit to solve the problem then it becomes important that the appointment is easily booked and kept.

Unfortunately, people forget about appointments which can cause the loss of time and money. To help reduce the missed appointments, your business should be using text messaging to send appointment reminders.

Texting works better than email or phone.

Texting is quick and easy for your customers and will allow them to confirm, cancel, or reschedule.   

How do you personalize your communications to provide a level of safety?

Let your customers know who to expect by including a picture of the technician. Revvi’s appointment reminders allow you include a picture, name, and/or cell phone of the technician.

So when your customer receives the text message appointment reminder, they will know who is going to be showing up to their house.  This feature within Revvi, adds another level of customer service and safety to customer.

HVAC.apt.reminder example.png

As a customer, knowing who is ringing your doorbell before you open it, is a great way to start the relationship with your company. 

Unfortunately, our society is crazy today so making your communications more personal will show the customer that your business cares.

Contact us today to see how we can help improve your customer service,  grow your online reviews, and increase your revenue.

To your success!

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