How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Is your chiropractic practice struggling with growth?  If so, have you looked things from your patient's point of view?  The patient experience involves many steps like;

How did they find your chiropractic practice?

-        Referral - healthcare providers - attorney - family – friend

-        Found you online - Online Search - Google Ad

How easy is it for them to contact and/or communicate with your practice?

-        Phone

-        Email - Texting - Contact Page

How easy is it to book an appointment?

-        Phone

-        Booking online

What is their first impression of your office?

-        Clean

-        Welcoming

How were they greeted when they arrived?

-        Courteous staff

Did you take the time to listen and evaluate their issues?

-        Is enough time allotted for their visit?

Did you actually explain things in a way that can be easily understood?

Did you actually help them?

-        Are they feeling better?

Were they satisfied after their treatment?

-        Did you ask them and capture their response?

-        Did you ask them for feedback?

The reason why your practice is not growing is probably due to missing one or more of these crucial steps within your patient’s experience.  Missing one of the steps could lead to failure.  You could kill your referral channel and create unhappy patients.  Unhappy patients tell their family and friends and could post a negative online review for the world to read.

So what makes up a patient’s successful experience?  Take a look at this infographic.


Success Patient Journey


With that said, it is very important for you to capture satisfaction scores & feedback.  Not doing so could result in the kiss of death for your practice.

Why capturing satisfaction scores & feedback is extremely important to your success.

Your practice probably relies heavily on referrals either from other healthcare providers, related businesses, or past patients.  Since this is the case, it is imperative that each patient is “happy” and feeling better.

Why do they need to be “happy & healthy”?....One very important reason is to secure the future success of your chiropractic practice.

You took an oath to help people achieve optimal health.  If your patients leave happy then the person/business who referred them will be more likely to keep referring people to your practice.  Other healthcare providers will also be willing to refer as the word spreads.  It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

In reviewing the patient’s experience with chiropractors, we identified a common issue...You are dropping the ball on capturing satisfaction scores and feedback.  

But capturing satisfaction scores & feedback is hard.

You’re right.  Capturing this information is hard because the process to provide this information is not easy for the patient.

You could use email as the communication channel, but email sucks!!

The problems with email are the open and response rates.

Email open rates are <20% and the response rates are extremely lower around <3% depending on what industry.

These low open and response rates are a direct result of the amount of spam email people receive these days. It's ridiculous!   The average person receives about 125 emails a day with about 20% of those being spam (see source below).  Filtering and viewing these emails take time.  Most people do not have the time to read your email, much less respond.  <source at the bottom of the post>

So the question remains, how do you know the satisfaction of your patients?

You probably don’t or maybe you take it for granted because your patients reschedule or you feel like you get "enough" referrals.  (There's never "enough" referrals by the way!)

This attitude could be detrimental to your practice's success!

How can you increase your response rates?

The good news is the answer is simple!  Add text messaging as a communication channel to enhance your patient's experience!

Texting is so easy and quick for your patients to respond to. They can respond in less than a minute.

This is the value of texting….it’s just that simple.

So if your chiropractic practice is facing challenges with growth or if you’re looking to increase your response rates implementing text messaging is the answer.  The success of your chiropractic practice depends on it!

“Heed the Bubble”