How to Cut Through The Noise to More Gain Attention

We live in a noisy world and it’s only getting worse.  So how do you cut through the noise to reach your audience directly?

What noise?

Yes, noise….email, social media, video, print.  It’s all noise that is extremely competitive when it comes to grabbing your audience's attention.

Let’s breakdown these noisy channels.

getrevvi.cut through the noise.with.sms.png


  • People receive 128 emails daily on average

  • Fight for “inbox” attention...”Is my “subject line” catchy?”

  • Read rates are horrible…<20% on average

  • Response rates are <2% on average

Social Media:

  • Time to create the image to go along with your message

  • The algorithm fight which is always changing...only 6% - 8% of your fans/followers see your posts

  • Is your “success” based on the number of “Likes” you receive?

Video:....I really do like video.

  • Easy to consume

  • A lot easier to create...if you’re not a perfectionist

  • Tends to be shared more

  • Time investment can be high due to the editing process….if you edit your content


  • Does this still exist?...oh yeah, newspapers, magazines, direct mail pieces

  • Who reads mail anymore?

  • Costly...copy, design, postage, contacts

  • Always a great fire starter.

Okay, you’re right.  These channels have their place, do drive “some” engagement, and are NOT going away. However, you are still fighting for attention and each one of these channels are extremely competitive when you are fighting for it.

So what communication channel cuts through the noise, saves time, and reaches your audience directly?

Simple….text messaging (SMS).

It is the most widely used communication channel (1.7 billion messages vs 281 billion emails worldwide in 2017) which provides immediacy, mobility, and brevity.


Our cell phones are within an arm's length of us all the time and text messages are delivered immediately. Spam email has ruined us which is why some of us do not check email as much as others. On the other hand, we have been “trained” to read text messages immediately. This is why text messages are read within 3 to 4 minutes of being received.


This can apply to both text messaging and email but there are more steps involved with email. Texting is already available to use immediately when we buy a new cell phone. Not the same with email. You are required to setup the connections to your email client.  Not to mention, texting is available on older phones where email isn’t.


Anything we can do to save time is always a focus.  The internet has made us a very impatient society so being able to read and respond quickly is where texting wins.  Businesses that use text messaging, keep the message short and to the point. Emails can be too long with fluff and images that provide zero value to the reader.

If you wish to beat the competition, cut through the noise, and make it easy for your audience then texting is the only communication channel to use.