Happy 25th Birthday to SMS (Text Messaging)

SMS turns 25 years old

Can you believe that SMS (text messaging) turned 25 yrs old on December 4th 2017?  It’s crazy to think SMS is this old.  I was in college when SMS was introduced on flip phones, bag phones, and those big ass phones.

So why has it taken so long for the business community to adopt the easiest communication channel ever invented?  

It boggles my mind.

As we close out 2017 and you’re looking at your marketing for 2018...humor me and really take a close look at adding SMS (text messaging) to your communication channel.  It’s a time investment on your end but the return on investment is worth it.

How you can use SMS in 2018?

So you have made the decision to add SMS to your communication channels but how are you going to use it?  This is a great question and one you really need to think about.  

Here is our list of suggestions in ways you can use SMS to improve your customer engagement and drive more business.


Send promotional messages about sales you might have going on.  If you have openings in your calendar for “service” slots, find your customers that haven’t been in awhile and send them a text.  Read more here.

General Announcements:

Unfortunately, things can happen that cause your business to close early or make appointment changes.  Instead of picking up the phone, which no one answers, select those contacts and send one text message to all them with the update.  Save time and money by reaching them directly.


Do you know how your customers really think about the service they received?  Probably not but you should.  Not asking your customers how their experience was isn’t a good business practice.  Online reviews matter so much to your success or failure so being able to capture satisfaction scores and feedback is a must.

Appointment Reminders:

Missed appointments cost your business time and money.  Send a text message to reminder your customer about their appointment is extremely valuable.  You can also let them easily confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment.

All these types of text messages add value to your business in a different way.  It’s up to you to understand SMS is the most effective communication channel which provides so many benefits to your business and to your customers.

“Heed the Bubble”