How do new residents to Charleston & Summerville find & trust your business?

The Charleston & Summerville area is booming with little signs of slowing down anytime soon. Depending on who you ask, there are somewhere between 34 and 48 new families moving into this area each day.

As a home service business (heating & air, pest control, home cleaners, carpet cleaning) or an auto repair shop owner, how do these new residents find your business?  

In reality, this applies to any type of business or healthcare provider.

So how do they find your business?

Most of the time, they will probably ask their realtor, neighbor, or new co-workers for recommendations. From there, they will look up the referrals online to visit the website and read the reviews.

As business owners, we all strive for referrals.  They are trusted. This means you are providing great customer service while solving/fixing issues.

Even though referrals are the end goal for your business, people still research your business online.  In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Online reviews are even more vital to your business because it is estimated that 88% of those consumers trust the reviews they read online.

Take a look at what Google shows for these businesses from the Charleston & Summerville area.

Heating & Air

Carpet Cleaning

Pest Control

Home Cleaning

Auto Repair Shops


The information for each business service type listed was pulled directly from Google by performing a simple local search based on city and service.

Search Criteria:

  • Area & business type => Example:  Charleston heating and air services
  • Google reviews & rating score averages pulled at random from the first two (2) pages


So based on the review count and average review scoring, which businesses would you contact as a consumer?


Customer satisfaction and reviews matter to the success of your business.  Contact us today to learn how Revvi can help you improve your customer service and grow your online reviews.