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Using Text Messaging During Situations Like Winter Storm Grayson

Winter storm Grayson taught a lot of businesses lessons when communicating updates to their customers or patients.  The traditional communication channels like phone and email are time consuming and ineffective.  Text messaging is the most effective communication channel when it comes to reaching your audience.

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Which is better for my business, email or text messaging?

It's time to add text messaging (SMS) to your business's communication channels with your customers.  Email has too many barriers and takes too many steps to read and/or respond too.  Text messaging is easy for your customers and much more effective.

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3 Reasons Why to Use Text Messaging (SMS) for Your Business

Three reason why your business should be using text messaging as a communication channel.  Text messaging is such a powerful communication channel that is not used enough by businesses which is a mistake.  The old days of text messaging being perceived as "too personal" are long gone.  Texting is much more effective than emailing when it comes to communicating with your customers/patients.

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