4 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Matter to Your Business

So why do customer reviews matter to the success of your business?

This is a great question.

I am sure you will agree that customer’s satisfaction and reviews mean everything to your success or not.  In fact, you probably think this is a stupid question as this is rule number 4 for business owners like you.

- Solve the problem or need/desire

- Provide a great service or product that solves the problem

- Provide the best customer service possible

- Care about what consumers say about your service/product, delivery, and customer service

But have you ever thought about the other great reasons why it is important to ask for satisfaction scores and reviews?

Let’s take a step back....way back to ancient times.

The simple days.

People Talking in Restaurant.Blog.png

In the “old days”...ie..no internet, people actually shared their experience with businesses through in-person conversations or over the phone (land lines) with family and friends.  So reviews (good or bad) did not travel as fast even though the saying “bad news travels 10x faster than good news”.  

This saying really holds true today with the internet.

The difficult part with the “old days” is how your business learned about the bad review and how did your business correct the unhappy customer?  More times than not, there was nothing you could do unless the customer shared their dissatisfaction directly.  

Hence, this was extremely frustrating for you and could have been costly since there was virtually no way to get the word out that the issue was resolved.


Consumers share their experiences through texting and social media today.

Consumers share their experiences through texting and social media today.

With the introduction of social media (Facebook, Yelp!, Google Reviews, Angie’s List, forums..etc.),  a negative review about your business can travel 1000x faster through a post that can be shared/viewed over and over.  This means one negative review can be read by thousands or millions within only a few minutes.

So, how much money does one negative online review cost your business?

The quick answer is...a lot!

The answers will vary a bit but this article provides some great examples, along with some powerful stats pertaining to the effect of a negative online review to your business.

The "experts" estimate that one negative review about your business could cost you 30 potential new customers.  That is huge!!

Let’s get past the obvious and to the meat of why customer satisfaction scores and reviews matter to your business.

1. Understanding your customer

Providing the ability for your customers to easily submit a service satisfaction score is a must to your success and preventing negative online reviews.

Capturing service satisfaction scores provides you powerful and useful insight about their experience with your business as well.  Below is a list of important areas to gain insight for.

Were they happy?  

Did we do our job?  

Did they find value?

Was the problem solved/fixed?

Would they share their experience with your business?  

Would the comments be positive?  

Would they refer your business?

With a simple score, provided by your customer, you can pretty much answer all these questions.  The one call-out is the referral because everyone is different so even a high score may not mean they would refer you….people are funny creatures.

2. Provide better customer service

It’s customer service is what really sets you apart from your competition and makes you successful.  Giving your customers the ability to simply and quickly respond with a number by text message is the answer.  

Who has time these days to open up their email, click a link, and then respond?  Not me or you!

So you receive the satisfaction score.  Was it high?  Was it low?  It all matters but by capturing this satisfaction is where it all begins.  

It allows you to take multiple actions.

Say “Thank You”.

Be proactive….address a problem before the unhappy customer writes an online review or tells a friend or family member.

Ask for an online review.

Ask for a referral.

It all starts with the “ask” and satisfaction score provided.

Acting fast is key!  Whether to say “thank you” or to address issues.

3. Increase sales

More positive online reviews submitted means “Happy Customers” which in turns shows that these customers had a great experience with your business.  Believe it or not, people trust online reviews.  

The more reviews you have about your business, the more trust a potential consumer has which equates to more business...ie sales!

4. Organically improve SEO

I bet you probably did not know this fact.  The algorithm Google uses for it’s ranking is always changing much to our dislike or like but over the last year it has included reviews.  

Google views online reviews as “new” content.  Think of a new online review as a new blog post you published which is what Google indexes and rewards.  This is the same with online reviews.  Reviews are new content for your website which is recognized by Google.

Therefore, these are the four core reasons why you should always "ask" questions of your customers.  But remember, you must make it easy to provide feedback by using text messaging.  Reviews help in many ways and should never be overlooked. 

"Heed the Bubble"