1 Simple Way to Increase Customer Survey Responses

I think you will agree that response rates for customer satisfaction surveys are extremely low when using email. The good news is you can easily improve your response rates by a simple communication channel change.

Start leveraging the power of text messaging.

Texting is easy and quick for your customers which is why the response rates for surveys are much higher than email.

Email has been dying a slow death for years when it comes to soliciting your consumers.  Texting, on the other hand, has increased over the last decade by 7,700%.  I am sure you will agree that your customers are no longer paying attention to your emails.  In fact, consumers view

In fact, consumers view 90% of emails as spam.  This means you are wasting time by sending customer satisfaction surveys by email.

As a business own, learning about your customer satisfaction means everything to your success. But if you’re relying on email for a quick response or a response at all then you are already at a disadvantage.

Remember the old saying…”bad news travels 10x faster than good”? This statement holds more truth today than ever with social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter...etc.)


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So what if you could increase your response rate by 10%, 20%, or 40%?

How much impact could this response rate increase have on your business?

What if you could respond to negative satisfaction scores quickly to prevent your customer from spreading bad reviews online?

How would this ability positively affect your business and/or reputation?

All these questions can be answered in a positive way simply by changing your communication channel to text messaging. Text messaging is the most effective communication channel and growing.

Our clients have seen their response rates jump from 15% to 60%+ simply achieved by reaching their customers where they live and more importantly by making it EASY for them!

The greatly improved response rate gives our customers more insight, the ability to provide better customer service which in turn prevents negative online reviews and ultimately drives more business.

If your business is suffering from the lack of responses, little to no customer satisfaction insight, and few online reviews then you cannot afford not to start communicating with your customers through text messaging. Start today by making the change from email to text messaging. We promise you will not regret the decision.

Texting is easy, fast, and mobile for your customers or patients so why aren’t you using this communication channel!!

"Heed the Bubble"