About Revvi

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Revvi.  

We understand how hard running a business is for you.  There are so many moving parts to operating a successful business.  One of those important parts is making sure your customers/patients are "happy" so they tell others and so you can promote their success stories to increase your business.

The Revvi team is made up of past business owners who have firsthand experience operating businesses that rely on having a great reputation to succeed.  Our experience included the importance of delivering the best customer service along with facing the same challenges collecting service satisfaction scores and feedback so we could grow our business.

This is why we created Revvi.  

Revvi's sole focus is to help your business improve the process of how you ask  for service satisfaction scores and reviews to increase your business.  Revvi also helps you have a higher return with your marketing efforts and the ability to text appointment reminders to help reduce no-shows.

Because Revvi's communication channel is so effective, the engagement level increases with your customers/patients.  This allows you to gain more insight into service satisfaction, increase reviews, improve customer service, save more time, and increase your revenue.  All these results from Revvi, give you the power to become the market leader in your industry.


How does Revvi provide all this value?

Revvi achieves these results for your business by leveraging the power of text messaging.  Text messaging is so convenient because it removes barriers other communication channels have to make responding so easy.  The easier the respond process is for your customers/patients, the more engagement you will expereience. 

Email is no longer the effective communication channel for your customers/patients.  There is way too much spam and too many steps to take in order to respond to an email.

Sending a quick text message after the service has been delivered, allows your customer/patient the ability to easily and quickly respond.

With higher response rates for texting, you’ll be able to understand how “happy” or "unhappy" they are, collect feedback, promote positive comments, address any issues to prevent negative reviews, and increase your business.

We realize that adding a new process is sometimes a hard choice but it comes to your business’s future, making the decision to improve your communication channel is the right one.

Customers/patients want every service you provide to be timely, issue corrected, and the process an easy one.  The more you can streamline your services, the more appreciative (“happy”) your customers/patients will be.  "Happy" customers/patients are the best marketing team you can invest in but you first have to be able to identify those "Happy" individuals. 

This is what Revvi excels at when completing their journey with your business.  Providing the most effective communication channel to complete the last step of your service....asking and collecting service satisfaction scores and feedback so you can use this information to grow your business.

"Heed the Bubble"