Texting Removes The Barriers to Directly Engage Your Audience.

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What is Revvi?

Text messaging is the most used communication channel in the world which is why it is so effective when sending alerts, appointment reminders, general messaging, marketing, or surveys to your audience.

There isn’t a communication channel (email, phone, social media, print) that produces a higher level of engagement than text messaging.

Revvi is a text messaging (SMS) system that will help you cut through the “noise” to help your business/nonprofit save time, increase engagement, improve customer service, and drive more revenue.

Texting is so easy, quick, and effective.


The High Value Text Messaging Types Revvi Offers


Appointment Reminders

Because people forget appointments.  Revvi offers Revvi-Connect to streamline the process.
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Marketing/Alerts/Two-Way SMS

Because SMS has much higher read rates versus email and is very effective in emergency situations.
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Because online reviews matter to your business's success.
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Increase survey responses and improving customer service by making it easy with SMS.
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Revvi-Connect allows you to connect your Gmail, Outlook, Office365, or Exchange calendar to streamline the process of scheduling appointment reminders.

Book your appointments in your calendar system and Revvi will automatically schedule the appointment and the survey to be sent after the service has been completed.

It's really that easy!




Listen to Chris Gentry, the co-founder, of Revvi talk with Rich Conte on the Tech Life podcast.  Chris talks about the story of Revvi and how effective SMS (text messaging) is for your business.

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See how easy surveys are with Revvi.  Text "Revvi" to 843.242.0437.